Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Arrow and is Suicide Squad next?

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen Season 2, Episode 12 STOP NOW. You have been warned.

 Last night I squealed like a school girl, for a 40+ year old to do this is a huge feat but the Arrow did just that it got excited more than ever.

Early in Season 1 of the Arrow we saw Deadshot. Then in Season 2 Episode 6, we see Amanda Waller AND Deadshot making an appearance. Episode 12 of Season 2, Bronze Tiger!!!! Then it clicked.....yea, they are building the Suicide Squad up for a series just like they are for the Flash. CW is smart as hell, I saw the Flash but the Suicide Squad was just a rumor but now after a second member of the squad steps into the light and Waller shows up at the end of the episode to recruit Tiger into the squad. Holy Shit in a hand basket! This would be the kick ass of kick ass series.....a covert black ops of supers giving that anti-hero to hero! I was impressed with the Watchmen movie....another favorite off my youth but this is the cake.....only an Alpha Flight movie or series would just make my head go *POP*. I am SO stoked if   Suicide Squad steps to the screen, wow this would be the B5  series loyalty all over for fans like me....

Bronze Tiger


Amanda Waller (revised)

The first Amanda Waller!

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