Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Woes of Indiegogos and Kickstarter delays and watchlists!

Well, it looks like there may be a small tide of items hitting over this week or more than likely next week. Some of which are long overdue Indiegogo and Kickstarters.

Die Waffenkammer Indiegogo

Well, it has been about 6 months now and after a few messages on Lead Adventure with the response, “it will be in the mail” and my friend that I talked into this Indiegogo was getting a bit pissed to the point he said he would more than likely never order from Die Waffenkammer unless it was something that nobody else made. He has not been impressed and Jeff has lost a good potential customer. Remember folks, first impressions count!

What was the problem? Lack of communication simply put. There were no posts up on progress or emails out to the backers to update them. Yea, we understand mold issues, he is a solo operation, he has his hands in other projects like the Winter Wars Kickstarter sculpting vehicles, and he more than likely has a real job and a family. Both Chris and I are good by this…..but say something every now and then. I did ball him out and called his customer service “piss poor” which it isn’t, but rather his ability to communicate with investors and customers (I don’t see a huge difference). We are both giving him money for X product. I feel after 6 months with no response justifies a harsh email.

In theory our stuff is in the mail and should be here next week. I have really wanted a Land Sweffen Waffen and looks like an amazing kit. I just want to get it before I end up in a retirement home!

Baker Company Winter Wars Kickstarter

Gav has had a different story; he communicates and has had a spin of bad luck with his casting machine. Still, he was able to pull Anisty in and take what was a really bad delay into a short delay. I respect that and he also has been keeping us up to date. He said about 160 packages went out last week. I hope I am one of those! I would love to get my first wave of Finnish troops!

Robotech Tactics

No tactics went into this Kickstarter, they threw out a lofty goal of December which is a good 6 months and I feel still we are not closer to seeing these until fall of this year. They feed images out but I feel that they just didn’t plan things out well and that they just have some idiots in spots instead of people that are enablers to get the job done. I pray the game does not suck as this was my childhood favorite and I would love a little regression into my youth.

Reaper Bones #2

I just gave them $38 in the end. Not like before where I pissed over $200 but then the Vampire pledge was a HUGE savings and hey they had Cthulu and other Mythos monsters on deck that was an easy sale to me. This time around I opted for a paint set of their master paints that I like and the cool Green Slime. I could have found other items to buy but well, nothing was really on my radar of wants. I could not justify a large expense for a handful of figs….gah! What really annoyed me about the Reaper KS 2 was just how they really pulled the value from the core set (unlike the one before) and the add ons was clearly a mine for cash. While a business the plan for this KS sucked ass….I would have bought for example the street fixtures (dumpster, etc) but I didn’t want the aliens and the other sci-fi crap for $50, not worth it if I am not going to use it. If they had done that set at $10-15, I would have spent more. I think they lots of $50 add on was crap and just fucking stupid if you ask me. It may have been a seller to many but not me. If I don’t see a value, I let my spending speak for itself. They at least was more honest this time and said product delivery is spread out over the months (mine looks like December)….long wait.

Crossover Miniatures #3

Looks like Rusti will crank out another winner here and will be on time as predicted. He hit well within his range last time and being this is a smaller project that is respectable and expected to be able to make their goals.

Guardian Chronicles

My first board game Kickstarter, there has been some delays but they seem to have the core set back on track and shipping next month. Everything looks great and I am stoked about this game.

Games and Gears Battle Boards

This is one I have high hopes for. The concept and quality looks amazing and the price I got mine for was amazing. They also seemed to have made their last delivery right on time and I hope this one is no exception. The only difference here is this is a larger deal than a bunch of brushes…..

On the watch list….

Machinas: Death Racing

This one is on my radar and more than likely I will invest in once I get some spare cash together. I still have 22 days to pledge and pay.  Just a set of two decks of cards it seems so that should be an easy one to get out the door and they seemed to have a good delivery on their last effort.

Pulp City Kickstarter

While I am not a huge fan of the rules, I do love their figures, sadly they are pricey also. I hope there is an option to get the figs without the book to score a decent deal. This is one on my watch list and should be launching in a few days.

Supersystem 4 (formerly Supersystem3!)

An upgrade is on the way and I like what I am hearing on the forums so far. I plan to pledge for this and I hope he manages to get some new minis in there also. The artwork for the cover looks sweet….check it out!

Looking forward to doing some play tests to this and trying the solossystem out!


  1. So, Rusti got half my gaming funds; darn him for tempting me with robots!
    I am going to resist further crowdfunding this year. I have two long languishing projects needing infusion of funds. French and Indian War skirmish and Bolt Action Americans with a twist. Sgt Rock and easy company, the haunted tank, and the unknown soldier. That is if I don't splurge for my own Alien Legion in 15mm first!

    1. Pulp City and Super System v4 is going to get my pledge. Machinas may, I am on the fence. I like Carmen's blog and he seems to have a solid game very compact and neat.

      Outside of that is Baker Company with their roll out of the war in the Balkain's Kickstarter, just looks too damm good to pass up and the Finnish Winter wars made it so damm easy to get almost a full army in a single and inexpensive purchase.

  2. There seem to be quite a range of possible outcomes in these kickstarters. I hope they all come good for you in due course!

  3. I hope the Robetech game is awesome and comes out in a reasonable period of time. However I will not hold my breath if Palladium games is involved. I'm still waiting for some of the stuff promised in the mid 90's to get published. Lol