Monday, March 3, 2014

Bolt Action at Crucible 3: Part 1 Photo Scrapbook

Back from a 3 day weekend of Bolt Action gaming. So, I will show you pics of the event first, then slowly feed other elements of the event.

Give a player too much beer and they come up with cookie jar crazy crap.

One of the tables in action, my ringer list vs John's Soviets.

Chris and Rick dual in the hamlet with their armored platoon.

One o the tables, a cool jungle setup.

Mike and Frank duke it out on the eastern front.

Another shot of the game with John

What next?

John's table.


Chris and Dan discuss rules.

More action!

Dan and Rick 

Soviets storm the bridge!

A new table setup.

A new eastern front table.

A new table setup for the hamlet.

Another shot of a new table.

New desert table.

New desert with an oasis.

Another shot of a game in action.


  1. Replies
    1. We had a blast....the only thing more we wished was better was more people and the game is growing.

  2. Nice that you got a good game in with your mates!

    1. Oh yea, we had a few laughs and other great moments!

  3. Lots of action there! I'd be interested in hearing more about the event, especially the impressions of the players and organisers.

    1. I do plan to discuss that, our meta is a bit more relaxed than perhaps how Cold Wars or how they play in Oz, more than likely the Auzzies would have sent most of us to the bar for taking flame tanks and such... I also have copies of all (if most) of the lists, scoring and more...