Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blitzkreig Miniatures: Flamingo Tank Review

Got this for my birthday by my friend Chris and wow what a great model! He had bought some of Blitzkreig's vehicles prior but this is my first experience and I have to say it was stellar!

I would recommend Blitzkreig Miniatures to anyone if you are having a problem finding that tank or you want a high quality tank at a reasonable price. The only suck part is shipping overseas for the most part which is a long wait.

Now I just need it to stop being HUMID and RAINING every flipping day so I can primer!

The tank. Solid kit with the tracks and body as one part. Turret, barrel, two flamethrower turrets and a hatch top. Not many parts. My friend and I had ours together in an hour roughly.

Shot of the parts.

The only flash on the model really. Just above the tracks.

All parts together.


Upper shot.


  1. Nice looking tank. Looking forward to seeing it painted!

  2. Flamingo Tank?! You have revealed a significant gap in my knowledge of tanks - I will now have to look it up and educate myself - Thanks for the post!