Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 9th Bolt Action Boot Camp Night!

The first Boot Camp for basic training for Bolt Action was a success, we had a total of 7 attendees with some people dropping by even though they could not make the event. We had two great games of 2vs2 players with 500 points for each player. This played an average game but also allowed the players to get to know one another and socialize more than just throw dice and learn together.

We rolled in setup at 6:30 and we didn't leave until after 11pm! Wow! I was tired again after a long day at work and gaming all night. Everyone seemed to have a good time and looking forward to two weeks again!


  1. Those are from Frontline Games here in the US, both of them. I am looking at buying something similar from the EU soon from a company that has mats called G-Mats, same mouse pad material and some other designs...a few bucks more for shipping overseas but the variety is worth it.

    I did look at the thin vynial ones but they look too thin and could be an issue. Zuzzy mats are on my radar but the texture is a slight turn off to adding scenery right now, the price is good but I have read their customer service is hit or miss.

  2. Those do look good. The zuzzy mat texture is strong enough to paint, but not deep enough that it would cause any issues for adding terrain on top of.

    1. The one with the logs and such is the one that the guy was showing in a video that may be the problem child. Did you have any problems when you ordered your Zuzzy?