Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ocala Garrison gathering July 19th!

Chris and I took a road trip up to Ocala (about 1.5 hours) to bring some Bolt Action gaming to the group. First I took my friend by my office where I worked and down the road to an Army Surplus store (not open when we arrived at 7am) and we walked around outside....

Dalmier Scout car, in pretty bad shape, rust was eating it up and could use some paint to make it look nice at least while it sits out front. 

Not sure of the Artillery but cool. My friend took shots of me making like I was shooting it or yelling ease as it was firing!

After being lost, as I forgot the directions and neither of us have a smart phone (yea we are old farts that don't  update to new technology) we find the library where they were to meet and we got inside. We setup the table in record time and was ready to roll!
My friend Chris helping to organize the German players and deploy.

The table....

German players deploying.

Frenchie dice!

German dice!

Everyone in the mist of playing....

More action

Table shot of the French

German artillery!

Scout cars advance from reserve up the road.

R40 flanks down the side of the road.

The French Dragoons storm the other bridge in force.

French Office makes a last stand. Dead pile to the right!

Traffic jam on the bridge!

222 catches the FT17 from behind!

Chris flanks the French lines with his men!

Earlier shot of the Dragoons with the Panhard guarding the rear!

Airstrike on the Dragoons! DAKAKAKAKAKAKAAK!

All in all, everyone had a good outing and seemed to have a good time. A few of the guys about half through the game wanted to play on the Slaughterloo game. It looked like a nice game and they seemed to have a good game there as well. We had X-wing later and also some boat game, Dystriopen wars or something like that with steampunk boats blowing up one another.  


  1. Nice report. Table all looked great and sounds like you all had a hoot.

  2. Great report, looks as though you may have some new recruits. The gun at the surplus store looks to be the dreaded German 88mm anti-tank gun.