Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finns Wave 2 Arrived!

My second wave of Finns from my Baker Company Kickstarter pledge arrived last week. Been a bit busy so finally had a moment to chat about them! Overall, everything is great, got an extra engineer and was shorted a few Model Chander (the civilian militia) figs and some SMGs was missing, nothing huge or earth shattering. Great stuff to the new items, some things was hit and miss on some figs and some had some rough casting around the bases that required me to do a bit more work than usual. Still, for the price I can't bitch in the least and happy with my choice to back Gav and his company. They have done well despite setbacks on the casting and some sculpting delays, yet as a small company they in my eyes are doing a great job.

My box and packing slip, like a kid I tore right into the box!

Extra rifle squads.

More rifle squads...

My few MC that showed! Don't worry boys more are on the way!

Pile of SMGs!

The work tray! Already down the center the Fins work in between the Germans and French!
I'll do some good shots of my Finns as I paint them up!

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