Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick and easy water terrain!

My friend Chris whipped this together and has a full 6' water feature already for one table. We talked about making a muddy one for the jungle and a winter themed one also!

It is simple and cheap....purchase some caulk from your DIY store....crimp the end flat to help the flow come out thicker and spread out. Make the base, put it down on wax paper or other surface it will not stick to. As it dries, use another color to build the banks on the side. Add other bits like rocks and such. Once it dries, paint it up and add flock! Easy!


  1. I've done something very similar to this myself. It does indeed work very well; the only issue I had was the very long time for the caulk to be totally dry.

  2. Chris did the above in 2 days and dry as can be. He even sealed it to protect the paint.

  3. Those look great. Something else I'll probably try to build for my tables...someday. Too many things to work on!

  4. Cool. You can use the same method to make dirt roads as well. They even sell various shades of brown caulk so you don't even have to bother painting it.

    1. Already have, we have some wide dark brown ones and some thinner tan color for jungle....Chris is working on more....