Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Gathering of Villains and Heroes: Supersystem 3

Superfigs Dr. Atlas from FRP Games Website

Dr. E-Vill from Crossover Miniatures

Blubbery Rand, Reaper

Well, the super count is up to 21 figures…to me is a nice collection to start off with. I know I will want to add and collect more later on. For now, this will do, I may go for Alpha Flight and Suicide Squad in the near future for a Marvel and DC based team for the hell of it and has a go at repainting some Clix figures.

These are what I have ordered:

Zenith: Best looking speedster I found.
Raptor: Amazing wings
Blubbery Rand: A cool looking stretcher.
Sandwoman: Need I say More?
The Harpy: Another cool set of wings
Blood Widow: A surprise here, didn’t like the green but liked the painted version.

From Crossover Miniatures:
Dr. E-Vil: Because you have to have a good super villan!
Everest: Big guy
Fury:  Flyer and blaster
Hoplite:  Armor/Cyborg
Ram Jam: Big Bad Guy
The Defender: Flyer/Blaster but could go for other things.
Whiskers: Has that thief look about her.

From Superfigs:
Particle: I love the 3 figures in different sizes.
Shield Maiden: Oddly I liked her looks.
Dr Atlas: Same here, expensive but 3 models showing the power.
Cat: A nice sculpt that could fit a few profiles.
Artemis: Best Archer I could find.
T-Bolt: Flyer and blaster or brute.
Killshot: Gadget guy, perfect for a character I have in mind.
Mindhawk: Another nice generic one that could find her way into any team.
Tarantula: Despite listed as a brawler the full body suit helps me make whatever I want.

There is a few more figs I would like to get from each company in the future, but I want to get a good start first before I see where this goes. I think it will be a blast once we get some players in the area interested. Not to mention, I need to get a cool board together to play on! 

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