Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Super Heroes and Mini Gaming

Well, I found something that may be a blast to try also and fairly inexpensive…a skirmish style Super Heroes style miniature game. After doing some research I opted to go with my first e-book style rules in PDF format for Supersystems V3.

I blame Henry Badger’s contest that drew my interest to this type of genre and awakened the comic geek in me that was suppressed long ago. My friend Blake and I in high school (and early college) were huge gaming and comic fans. He went on to finally own his own comic store in Alabama which is a great thing to see. We had tons of notebooks filled with characters, sketches and teams for our comic line that never happened. Well, now I can relive some of my old glory days!

My choice for this system over Pulp City or other systems right now is the variety that it offers and was not disappointing. It has a complex system (many like Champions) to build your own heroes which I really wanted. Pulp City was locked to their own characters and fluff which was a disappointment, plus the fact their own figures are a little more expensive than Superfigs or Reaper’s. Plus, with a system where I could design things opens up a few avenues of using my figures from other lines like Strange Aeons, Gladiators and Old West with some creative work.

I plan to review the rules for Superfigs at a later time. That said, I am also going to look at some other figure lines out there:

Crossover Miniatures : New start up company, just about to open their online store. The unique thing about their miniatures is the ability to choose from 3 head choices when building your miniatures. The prices are a bit higher than Reaper and Superfigs but the quality is there and the versatility is a bonus.

Superfigs: Very large collection of Super hero and villain figures tipping over 150+ figures to choose from including vehicles and henchmen.

Reaper Miniatures: Great prices for them can be found at Miniature Giant and they offer a good selection of Super Hero/Villains as well as other figures that fit into the genre nicely.

Black Hat Miniatures: Has a small line of super hero models for sale at very good prices most just a 1-2 British Pounds. The selection is small but for the price it will not dent the budget much if you want them all.

I just ordered a few figures from Reaper a few days ago, picking up two flyers (Raptor and Harpy), Zenith (speedster), Sandwoman, Blood Widow and Blubbery Rand (the stretch guy). I just picked a few at random that I thought would be cool and fun to paint, I would worry about teams and such at a later date.

Well, I am off for now! Lots of things to do!


  1. This sounds great, I look forward to seeing this project lift off

    1. yea, working on a project outlay right now...should be fun mix up for Legends. I have been looking to freshen it up some.

  2. It was nothing to do with me!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    1. Oh you are to blame! You should hook me up for it with one of those leftover prize packs as a belated birthday gift! *laugh*

      Serious, you did tap the little comic geek in me. I have a buddy or two already interested....

    2. Cant do that Im afraid.

      There is a new giveaway coming that includes LOADS of Reaper Chronoscope minis!

      I still deny it was my fault!

    3. Looking forward to the new giveaway!

    4. Im open to ideas on how to run it though.
      Something different again

    5. Hrm, how about a create a hero and/or villain contest? I was thinking of that for the up the name, history and powers...

    6. Thats a pretty awesome idea.

      Would you mind if I possible stole it?