Saturday, July 28, 2012

Crossover Miniatures: A First Look

Well, I will open my review with the new kid on the block when it comes to Super Miniatures, Crossover Miniatures.

First, I will say that the minis arrived packaged very well in their box with excellent padding.

Looking at the packaging, it is simple yet functional in design. A simple (and note reusable) plastic bag with a folded bit of card with the product information on it with a pair of staples. This shows the company is trying to save the cost of the packaging in savings to their customer.

Here are some shots of the figures and my first comments on each figure:

This is Ram Jam in the raw. Note that the heads are linked to the body with the head pegs. While this at first looks like a bad plan, once you clip away the heads and clean up the clip spots you will not notice this at all. The hole for the head is well done in this cast and ready to make an easy job of building your bad guy up quickly with no fuss. I would also like to note this guy is HEAVY, a solid cast and not the weak cheap metal found in some other model lines.

Everest, another big guy, not as big as Ram Jam but still a hefty block of metal with excellent detail. It appears one of my heads came off but was no no huge concern. Again, the hole for this model was ready to go to pop in a peg and ready for primer!

Wiskers is only what I can call a wow model! To see the sprue for the tails and the figure itself in the flesh (or metal rather) made me pleased with this choice of a figure. The model just oozes to convert!

Fury by name but I was anything but when looking at this figure. Again, a great sculpt with a spot for the head to slide right in and get to the real fun of painting!

The Defender, another well done figure and perhaps the one that I noticed I will have to drill the neck hole for the peg out a bit more. Otherwise the cast is well done and very little mold clean up seems to be required.

Dr. E-Vil was received with three floating heads not on sprues, again not a huge thing and just stating this is how my figures arrived for purposes of new buyers to see the product better and from other perspectives. This is again a great model with tons of conversion potential with a simple head swap!

Hoplite (where the hell did this name come from?) is by far another of my favorites and glad I picked it as a first round purchase choice. This model is packed with detail and has so many options with possible future head swaps that would make your own head spin.

I would like to close with a few thoughts now on the opening impressions of my purchase. First, the mold lines are far and few between, these are well cast figures and made with an excellent quality of metal that I find to be a huge plus when it comes to a model line. Second, the company itself has shown a great start to superior customer service and is involved on the Lead Adventure Forums as well.

This company is a recommended company in my eyes to those seeking to make a purchase of high quality super hero or villain miniatures not only on their quality but the versatility to a hobbyist. 

Check out their website (soon to be posted on my recommended vendors list!)


  1. Hoplites were armored warriors from Greece. There are very few armor names that haven't been taken already! ;)

    1. Yea, I forgot my history for a moment it seems! I was going to favor Aegis or Silicon for my armored guys....