Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Super Delivery Today!

I opened my mail box today to find not one but two packages that I ordered a few days ago loaded with super heroes and villains ready to take to the table!

My first order was from FRP games and was a load of Superfigs that they have at at great price. This is my third order with the company and each time they have done an excellent job at shipping the product from California to Florida.

Here is a pic of the loot!

Next up, I got my order from Crossover Miniatures, a new company just out of the gates thanks to Kickstarter and some loyal fans. If I  had heard about this earlier I would have also been in on the project. Again, their super power is best known as "super shipping" as they racked it out in the mail from Texas to me in record time.

Here is a pic of the swag!

Expect some model reviews soon of both Superfigs and Crossover Miniatures, I also may be playing around with magnets soon enough as well as some variant heads that could lead to some crazy fun!

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