Monday, July 23, 2012

What was first the city or the Hero?

Well, I am about to order some extra miniatures which should give me about 30ish or so figures to work with to create various teams and to offer to players that do not have figures of their own to use. So, this leads up to the game board to build upon that fits my needs in being compact and easy to take with me.

After some thought I came up with a name!

Welcome to Sovereign City the heartland of the United States!

My vision for this 4x4 table is something along the lines of an H for the streets with a long street down the middle with two side streets wide. Part of me thought instead to paint a generic grey or black based board to make the city even more modular…still thinking over this aspect

Then I thought of what I would like to see on the table and how I could cut some corners to save some time making scenery. The main thing here I am looking at is trying to buy scenery that perhaps could be used in other games as well to get the most bang for my buck.

So here are the spots I would like to make…

Construction site: balsa wood, plasti card/rod/beams and a plastic toy construction set. My goal is to have plenty of stuff like pallets, rods, beams and such to use as weapons.

Junk Yard: piles of junk and old cars…Black Cat Bases has a junked Fridge, couch, chair and mattress, sprinkle a few toy cars and tires in and done! I plan to make each item loose so they can be tossed.

Park: Trees, hedges, park benches, fountain and statue…I figure I will put the trees on bases so they could be moved about, same for the fountain or at least the statue.

Plaza of 4 Businesses: From Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs. I am thinking a food spot, comic/gaming store, video arcade and a Pawn Shop/Mom and Pop Grocery/Tattoo  Shop

Random stuff:

Black Cat Bases: they have some Vending Machines and Bikes (bicycles) that look cool

Mega Miniatures: has a nice Sidewalk Scenery set that includes a bench, hydrants, trash cans, mail boxes, phone booths and a news paper box. They also have a pool table to go in the arcade with the video games.

Laser Cut has a set of 4 video game machines, a dumpster set, booths (for the sandwich shop)

Other ideas:

Graveyard: Useful in other games, I could make removable headstones to throw…

Diner; Plastiville perhaps?

Grocery Store: Plastiville?


As a closer here is something funny that I found online: What type of super hero would you be! Take the quiz and tell us what you ended up with!

Who did they say I was? Spider-man!

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