Sunday, July 1, 2012

Iron Ivan Invades!

Well,  I got my Iron Ivan books in the mail this weekend! Now I have Point Blank and Angriff! to go with my core rules of Disposable Heroes. I was talking to my friends this weekend and we are looking forward to sitting down within the next month and playing a few games. Already we are working on basing our figures and cleaning with painting just around the bend.

I just managed to finish basing most of my Fallschirmjager with a few leftovers set off to the side like some extra snipers and radio men (the packs I bought had 3 snipers/spotters and the radio set had 4 radio men in it, just need one it seems). Add in the Panzer M, the G that is in the mail plus the two Kubelwagons and a Truck I am sitting pretty good. What I am lacking is about a dozen  M-40s and 4 more light machine gunes to round out the list. When it is all said and done I should have a command squad, 4 full squads and able to fill up any of my support including two PAK 40s, Mortar Team, Panzerfaust Teams and a Sniper unit. Not bad...looking forward to matching to war!


  1. Sounds like a good plan, look forward to seeing some AAR

  2. Well, we hope by the end of this month start playing some Point Blank games first, then expand into platoon level later. I also am glancing at Plastic soldier's Russians and starting to drool. Great price and instant army almost.