Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting Organized for Gaming

I figure this would be a good opportunity to show you how I organize myself for gaming and my latest find on how to keep every nice and organized!

Here is a shot of my gaming carries everything for the most part. Dice, pens, pencils, calculator, spare paper pads, templates and more! I picked this up at Target, I think it was $10 or $11 when I bought mine. What I liked about it was it locked and had compartments that you could take out to be able to access things. This has severed me well over the years and I am always looking for new ways to keep it better organized.

A general overview.

Every gamer should have one!

Of late while at the Dollar General I spied this Pencil Box in the back to school. At first I wanted it to carry brushes when I would be painting away from home but that wasn't very often so I started to try various things and found that my dice fit like a glove! I just needed another one. What is nice about this is it fits into one of my slots in my gaming box and will stack up with no issues and hold all my dice keeping everything together.

This is the pencil boxes I bought for a buck. They fit in that upper right compartment!

Both cases opened on both sides to show what I can store there!

In the past I would dump them into a box, I would have to dig out dice that I would want if I wanted to use a specific color. This is now a thing of the past. I open the box, pull the dice I want and done!


  1. Nice to see SOMEONE who is organised


    1. Now, my hobby work area looks like a war zone and I still manage to at the odd moment forget something when I go to a tournament....the common one is to forget to take the chip out of my PC and put it back in the camera!