Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Warlord Dice Debacle

Well, time to hit up Warlord Customer Service again! I bought some dice with my prize from the Darkside Tournament and was excited to finally have some order dice. I picked out the light blue as they was both fitting for the Germans and French, plus easy to see!

After I got home that night, I took them out of the blister and put them aside as I was tired. It wasn't until Tuesday that I sat down and I was cleaning up my gaming box to organize it again as it was getting very cluttered and disorganized. It was then I discovered one had a crack/warped dice and several had chips of white showing and some of the blue had spilled over onto the white letter.

Warlord responded promptly within 24 hours and asked for photos that I offered. I know they care about quality and customer service and I am willing to help with that!

Here are a few shots of the dice...



More Chips..just need dip now...

More chips

hairline crack



Chipping (not a good shot)

Warped edge (upper right)

Notice the cracks in the lines? Unfilled space.

See the hole in the line at the top? Another unfilled spot.

It appears simply, I got a bad batch of dice.....I hope customer service can help sort this out. Last time they jacked up an order I was taken care of very well. I hope this time again I fare well....sometimes bad luck is good luck!


  1. When you're Irish the opposite is true Good luck is just bad luck as it all goes tits up in the end!

    So I won't say "good luck" to you as you'd wind up being screwed.

    1. I am mostly Irish and Native yea, I know what you mean!

  2. Talking dice, so many games that tend to have official dice see the official supplier having low quality poor balanced dice but charge the earth for them. Yes you may well have a bad batch but even when perfect in those respects they are unbalanced dogs.


    1. Well in Bolt Action, you just draw them and put them next to units to indicate the action they are doing. No rolling....

  3. It should hopefully be sorted and not a major problem in casting or a lot of people will be in the same boat.

  4. The custom dice are one of the reasons I've not tried Bolt Action. They seem rather pricey, although the game sounds good.

    1. You can just use regular 6 sided dice or draw stones/poker chips, etc..of different colors. The dice is just to indicate action which one group of gamers made a PDF that you can print and make your own company even sells blank dice that you can add stickers for your own order dice.

      Give the game a try, it is great....I just got the order dice as i had store credit and wanted them.