Sunday, July 28, 2013

Robotech Kickstarter: Backer choices ends on the 31st, choices to make....

Well, I am still sticking with the $260 Showdown deal as it is just a stupid amount of miniatures for the price. You just can't beat it!

This leads me to what to perhaps pick up, I know I can talk the wife into another $20, doubt more than that so hat would have to come out of my hobby funding of Ebay and Bartertown. Aug. 31st is the last day so I just need to figure out what I can scrape together to get a few last minute goodies.

This is going to be a first pick, just for the price and the fact the product is doubled up for the Kickstarter makes it a no brainer. It didn't make it into the backer rewards oddly while other weird choices did.

The VEF-1 has some rather unique abilities that could bolster their side and is appealing, still $30 for two unique mecha in 3 modes isn't bad, but I just wonder the value of the VEF-1 compared to other things. The 1D is just a mecha that can shoot more due to two pilots.

Ah, the beast and I am in love. Pushing $60 would be selling ice cream in hell at this point. Unless some good Ebay or Bartertown Sales kick in!

At first I was not going to consider this, now it has moved up into the running. The thing is a flying tank with more weapons. The only problem I can see is that is limited as to which units as a Glaug eldare can be added only to a unit that does not have a Glaug. Most Zentradi units do. Powerful and temping but just hard to find a good spot for it.

Love em! The only problem here is for a unit you need two boxes to get 12 and 12 to make full units! They can support other units but i feel at that point they limit what units they are attached to as that unit will have to be limited by the unit it is with. Again, I could sack everything and get two boxes and double up if i make some decent cash.

What do you think? $180 I could get everything, but i think that isn't going to  happen and i have to stick more to reason! Odds are I will go the Armored VT kit, then either the MAC (just because it is cool) or the Recon VEF-1 pack....otherwise unless I get more spare cash the Zentradi Infantry is out of the question.

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