Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Supersystem 3 Poll: Which figure do you like?

I will post up all the Reaper Bones that I will be using for Supersystem 3 at a later time, but I figure I would have some fun and let you the readers vote on your favorite figure for one of my supers.

The concept is a Druid style character with magical powers.....

Contests 1 and 2
1 has a nice staff and a nice robe.
2 has a very elegant robe and has a regal look.

3 is the only male that was decent. Has a nice action pose.

4 and 5 are my last two both with staves.
One has long flowing robes and the other is a bit more personable.

Vote away to which one you think I should use!


  1. 4 is the most druid looking, but I think it has a "stock" character look to it. I like number 3 because of the pose and he looks more powerful.

  2. Personally I would go for either 1 or 4. But your view is the one that counts. Start putting paint on one of them and you'll either know it IS the right figure for you or Know it is NOT!

    1. True, but there are so many figs it is hard to figure out where to start!

  3. I have to go with #2 as I have the metal equivalent in my lead pile earmarked as a super-villain for SS! :)

  4. Have you made any decisions on which ones you want to sell? If you're going to sell the Orcs let me know as I'd be interested in buying them.

  5. I think #2 would be my choice. She looks sort of like Enchatress from Marvel.