Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some down time....

The wife and I took two days and headed to Melbourne Beach (Florida, not Oz...I wish) and enjoyed some well deserved R&R at a nice Bed and Breakfast spot.....

We arrived Sunday, got checked in and walked around some. We had pizza from a deli in a local mom and pop grocery store and some of the best ice cream as well. We sipped some wine in the eve, snacked some and  I jumped in the mineral pool to swim for a bit. Our goal was just to have a quiet day when we arrived...and it was good.

Monday was a bit more active, after we had breakfast brought to our room and served on our porch area we enjoyed a great morning meal. Then we went to a local gaming store and drove up and down the A1A (a costal roadway) to look at houses, condos and perhaps a fun place to eat at. We enjoyed a delightful spot called the Jungle that was "natural" grocery store and eatery....my wife and I had a different soup that they make fresh daily and I had a all natural grass fed burger that was great and my wife ate a flatbread pizza that was huge! Of course we went back and hit the ice cream shop and relaxed some more after we picked up some snacks from the grocery store later, we thought it would be nice to not go out that night and just kick back again and enjoy the compound we was at. We jumped into the mineral pool again and had a great eve.

This morning we got up early and watched the sun rise at the beach. It is rough for me to get up early, I am a late owl but to stand on the shore of your country watching the sun rise over the water is a sight you rarely see unless you live on the east coast. Where we live in Florida you see the sun set as we live on the west coast. We are waiting for our last breakfast to be brought to us and then we will pack up to hit the road. After a 3 hour drive we have to go break our dog out of doggie daycare/camp that has been "relaxing" according to staff there...aka lazy.

All in all, a good vacation and perhaps the best B&B we have been to so far.....if you are ever in Melbourne Beach you should give this place a try, it isn't cheap but this is one of those cases you get what you pay for. Yea, I know I could have funded a few armies and Kickstarters but time with the wife is priceless and without a tag so one has to enjoy these moments. I do look forward to diving back into painting some after being refreshed from a few days off. All I have done this past holiday weekend is just tooled the internet some and read my Bolt Action books....

Here are a few shots of the place to share....

Stairs up to the room

The eating spot on the porch

to lounge at

the bed

 Marcie checking stuff out

real flowers, a nice touch

Personal welcome on the bed..

hidden TV and fridge

jet tub to relax in for two

nice walk in shower

nice sink area

more tub action

light fixture in the bathroom

bedroom light fixture

Stairs down

double stairs up with fountain

snack and towel 

closet with beach stuff to use

The Hyundi parked between a Mercedes and BMW

outside of the compound

main house

history plate

sitting room


computer and DVDs to use

eating area

food bar

sitting area outside

cool fountain

nice walkway to one of the rooms

breakfast first day

what happened afterwards

cool coffee mugs

the spa pool at night, you can see the heat 

fountain lit up at night

bird eating

more outside shots

more shots of the compound


  1. WOW! That is a nice place and it seems like you had the perfect mix of relaxation and going about.

    1. I think so, we was going to visit the space center and do some other things, but then to save cash we cut that out and opted to just have some fun.

  2. That looks like a great little place for a holiday. My wife would be cooing over those sunsets.

    1. It was rough getting up that early but well worth it.