Sunday, September 22, 2013

British vs Germans - Bolt Action - Hold Until Relieved!

Chris and I scampered off for an afternoon of gaming with the guys, Lee was breaking out the new Space Marine codex with some of the other guys while Chris and I jumped into Bolt Action to get a good game in!

Chris brought his Desert Themed British along to tool around and I brought my German Heer army to give him a fight. 

Chris had about 14 dice, including 2 platoons each with a Lt, a 3 few regular squads with rifles and an SMG, a 8 man unit of Gurkhas, a flamethrower unit, a truck, a Grant tank (with the dual AT guns), a scout car with an AC, a recon jeep decked out with guns, his free artillery observer and a sniper team.

My load out was a single platoon with a 2nd LT with AR+1 man, 2 squads of 5 Pioneer squads with flamethrowers, 2 squads of Grenadiers with 3 ARs, one 7 man with two panzerfausts, and 1 in the 6 man squad, all had rifles otherwise. I also had a Puma, a 251/16, Nerbelwerfer, a Truck, sniper team and air observer.

We setup a crazy looking table with some water on it and some bridges all over....we rolled and got Hold Until Relieved! I lost the roll and Chris opted for Attacker. I setup one pioneer squad in the house by he bridge and the Nerbelwerfer behind a wall next to the building. Chris scattered a few units on the table and held the rest for reserves. We both placed our snipers and observers. 

Game on! It was a back and forth game, my Germans was beating on the British pretty hard after the first few turns and a few luck points happened in the game of if he gets the first dice draw, a unit of mine was dead and just the same if I got the dice draw first. Most of the time it went in my favor on the pulls. 

The game ended with a draw. He managed to run one squad up to a house and hid in here making i hard for me to get him out of it with his Grant tank parked on the bridge (the objective).

Here are some shots of the game....

British deploy near the bridge to flank the Germans!

Nerbelwerfer ready!

Snipers among the trees.

Observer hidden in a ruin in the back.

Brits run for cover behind a wall!

British advance to the bridge.

Puma and Truck cross he bridge to  backup the objective.

Plane dive bombs the target squad! 
A 6 was rolled for a fighter/bomber! 

BOOM! Dead squad!

251/16 set the sniper's building on fire only to get hit by the Grant  with dual AT love!

Scout car sneaks forward!

Pioneers hold the smaller bridge to the right.

Chris ponders his next move!

Deep thinking!

Grenadiers dart forward and blaze away shots with a British Lt near!

The turn prior the Pioneers set the truck on fire with a flamethrower forcing the flamethrower and Gurkhas out and keeping the busy for most of the game. Here towards he end a lone NCO holds the bridge against all odds for the Reich! He did kill the the officer before the Gurkhas got them! 

Here is the said death moment. Chris had the perk for his army that prevents me from shooting a charging unit! Oh well, at least I killed one before he he was beaten to a pulp!

Germans swarm the bridge on he last turn to ensure that it is a draw. I tried to set the Grant on fire but no such luck! 

Shot from the other side of the table.

Tank on the bridge!

I spy with my little eye!


  1. The pictures are great on this. Those tanks and the plane look great on the table!

    1. The plane is from a pre-painted kit from Hobby Lobby (ironic that Warlord sells them also for a few bucks more!) (but alas I abused my 40% off coupon and saved!)

      The tanks Chris done are very nice, he has a little more work to do and he is done....mine are waiting for the airbrush attack I have planned within the next two weeks....I am going to line up my vehicles and spray the hell out of them!