Sunday, September 15, 2013

Product Review: Warlord French AMC Schneider P16 Half-track

Trying to get ready for the new French and Allied book I picked up my first vehicle as I heard the Panhards may suck so I opted to go with the P16 Schneider half-track for a starting Armored Car.

Everything you get.

What I really liked the most is the detail of the tools stored on the vehicle.

The other side.

One thing I hate, air bubbles! 
I had to use some filler to fix it, no big issue.

The light kit and roller.

Tracks and tire kit.

Turrent with main gun and MMG

Assembled side shot.

Front shot.

Another side shot.

The rear.

The good: High detail with the tools and is a cool looking oldie but goodie for the French ranks.

The bad: Had some air bubbles in the rear, the tracks was a bit of a pain in the ass to line up. I also drilled out the MMG and pinned it in as I felt i would have popped off otherwise after the first game. The cable on the one side was a bit lumpish and I had to use some creative knife work to clean that spot. The light kits are also a bit of  pain to seat into those tiny holes! 

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It is a good kit, it has a few mold issues as you can tell that set me off a little as it made me do more work than I admit I like to do. I like clean mold models that require minimal work and slap together to get them to the painting table and then to the game table!


  1. Nice I'm to lazy for kits like this. I don't like the filling of bubbles bit. Saying that though if the kit was tempting enough I'd probably get one.

    1. Mine may have been a casting fluke but you never know. Still, it is a nice kit and looks great if you love the early war feel.