Friday, September 20, 2013

The Awesomes New Hulu Series

If you are a fan of super heroes, wow this series is a scream! It is a Hulu  Original series that is just packed full of jokes, adult content and just some funny is well worth the watch! Plus at the end they are plugging Jack Links snacks....they remind me of the animated version of the Hostess Fruit Pies ads in the back of comic books!

The overview: Proc (a mix of Professor and Doc) is the son of  Mr Awesome a superman rip off character that has been a hero for 70 years and is hanging up his cape to retire. His team disbands and his son tries to pick up the torch and make  his father proud. His powers short of being very intelligent is the ability to stop time that he is told is bad for his health, thus making him a second stringer hero along with him oafish friend Muscle Man that goes out to recruit a new team to maintain government funding (think Avengers) where he recruits a team of misfits including Sumo (an 11 year old that turns into a Super Sumo when angry), a former original Awesome that is 80 years old but has the body of a 25 year old due to a freak accident called Gadget Girl, Hotwire the untrustworthy new recruit that Proc has the hots for, Concierge (not an actual member) but the only support staffer with a super mind to keep things organized, a black hero from Imperserio that creates things with his mind with his mother's face on them (he's a mama's boy) and Frantic a super speedster that is hyper active, a red neck and dumb as dirt......their adventures takes them into a variety of humorous adventures! 

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