Sunday, September 15, 2013

Judge Dredd - Ape Gang Progress

Well, I have been painting my Ape Gang slowly right now while I was waiting for m friend to get his Judges boxed set in, which arrived last week. I figure we will be playing some games soon enough once we both get our figures painted up.

While I am not finished yet, here is some teaser shots....

Ape Martial Artist - Brawler (Clix figure that I cut the weapons off, changed the base out and primered/repainted it). 

EL Camandre the ape leader of the APE REVOLUTION
(From the Boiler Apes line)

Brawler Ape that will be a minion.

Pulp City ape, but hey he had a chain gun!

O'trang Sniper 

Ape with flamethrower
(from the Apes in Boiler suits)

Judges beware! The Ape Revolution has begun! 
Freedom for Primates! 


  1. Awesome. Always love apes :) I like all the different sources

    1. Yea, most are Judge Dredd (Mongoose), Clix, Boiler Suit Apes and Pulp City...some supersystem 3 may appear next!

  2. Great work expanding the options for the apes

    1. My friend is running judges so, I have to up the ante to give him a good challenge!