Sunday, September 15, 2013

WW2 Bolt Action Painting Update

Well, over the past week or so I have been doing a variety of this and that for Bolt Action, here are the results of where I am at!

My Germans, on the final leg of touch ups and base work.

French Alpine Chaussers in progress.

My LMG team that I rebased.

American Lt and assistant for my Demo set.

Sniper Team for my Demo set

Squad 1 for the demo set.

close ups

better shot

some of the guys in the back

Squad 2 for the demo

Sgt and BAR

close up of the squad

more o the squad

Tiger, my first early attempt to airbrush the camo, going to touch it up. Not bad, but very light.

222 with green sprayed on some, still have to add rust and more green later.

Westwind Wierbelwind with green on it. Just playing around with my new airbrush paints.

About 40 French primered brown/green using the airbrush. 
Took about an hour as I am new to using an airbrush.

Rebased Alpine Chaussers LMG....I like the larger bases for a more scenic shot.


  1. Great looking americans, and i like the camo on the tiger :)

    1. Thanks, I wanted the Germans and Americans to look good (table quality) for the demos I will be hosting soon.

      As for the Tiger, the images don't show all the work, but I may go back and hit it again with some stronger colors.

  2. I'm envious of all your toys, and your progress!

    1. Progress is slow a little with job hunting and work duties...bleah!