Monday, March 17, 2014

Holy shillelagh Batman! Irish Super Heroes!

In honor of St. Patrick's day, my patron saint of my very name. I toast the day with two new figures!

Well, I had hoped to introduce these heroes along with the rest of United Alliance. Who is United Alliance? One of my hero teams I created back in my high school years, sorta like the Justice League (International) if anything, a super team sanctioned by the United Nations to protect the world from alien invasions, terrorists and other worldwide disasters.

Introducing Blarney Stone and LOTR (Luck of the Irish)

This super power duo packs a giant powerhouse with his sidekick sister that is able to manipulate the luck of a situation to control the fortune of the pair.


  1. Is that a Heroclix Atom Smasher? I'm pretty sure I have one of those around in my collection. What's the basis for the other figure? I can't ID her.

    Nice duo. They would have been useful to have around during World War Z. :P

    1. Yep, Atom Smasher is the big guy. Perhaps my most expensive figure that I bought from the Clix line, cost me $8 I think at an online retailer. Everything else was pretty much $1-2 or pocket change.

      The other is Black Widow, there are a few versions of her....I have about 3 or so different ones. This one suited me best as it fit the bill that I was looking for and the colors merged on it well.

      I thought it was a nice touch to merge in the colors of the Irish flag to their costumes.

      If you have any large figs let me know....I need the Chemos (I think is his name) the green clear guy.