Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Tabletop Workshop: Medieval Chapel

I bought the Medieval Chapel with some pause to give it a try to see how this new line of buildings would fare. I must say right off the bat, this was a sweet model kit. It was like a snap, click and done. Took a few minutes, no glue really. It does state you can glue the parts in if you want.

I give it the following marks:
Assembly: 10/10 Fast
Detail: 8/10 Detail is basic, but good, no flash only small clip points from te sprue.
Price: 9/10 Due to the ease and quality mixture. A time saver.

The box

Inside, compact and trimmed off sprues. Easy to clean just one clip spot.

First step, front and back.

Click the sides on.

A French WW2 figure for reference.

Another shot.

Another side.

Another side.

A shot of the door, 1/56 is the scale of the building.

Inside detail.

More interior shot.

The roof sections just click together.


  1. Never heard of these they look rather good!

    1. New company. They just put out a stable and barn now.

  2. Replies
    1. I think I will get the merchant house and the cottage next, perhaps the barn and stable also....looks like they would blend with the houses in the 4Ground line for the Polish/Soviet/Northern buildings....

  3. I will have to get some of these. Looks pretty good, I noticed they have a castle set coming out, sweet!