Monday, March 24, 2014

More loot! Whoot!

Well, a box was at the house full of goodies! What a nice ending to a Monday! 

The pile!

Soviet and German Heavy Mortars. The Soviet one was for my Fins, turns out I could have bought two German instead and got bonus extra models. The Soviets may be trade items.....oh well.

Gorilla Gangster was what I ordered. They shipped me the two pack with the Werewolf! Whoo!

Finnish tank and infantry markings.

4Ground Wagon

German Attack Bike

Opel Bliz!

Tabletop Workshop Medeval Chapel
I have to say this kit really impressed me. Well thought out and detail on the inside and out.

Nice detail with the Ramshackle Barn it does lack some detail on the inside.
I should be able to add some nice detail.

A French plane for my Early War French Army!


  1. That is a lot of lute well done


    1. Yea. Figure another order is in the wings soon.

  2. Can't go wrong with a gorilla gangster, can you :-) ? Although he does seem a little out of place amongst all the early WW2 stuff...

    1. What? What about Weird WW2 gone gangster? Na, he is for the Judge Dredd and my Supers gaming. The Wagon is mostly for old West.

  3. Bah the werewolf evens things out nicely.