Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bolt Action at Crucible 3: Part 2 Photo Scrapbook

So, you saw Friday night! What about the rest of the weekend you ask?

A new day, new armies and new tables!

Hi five with a Crimson Fist!

Chaos setting up the game.

Saturday night demo with Craig (the organizer) and his son.

John runs most of the demo after we set it up and Lee helped out also.

Another new table setup.

Another angle.

Another table in action.

The V2 was the objective for the first mission of the second day.

The bridge was the objective here.

Another shot.

The center house here in this rural Russian hamlet.

The center objective for the town, a historical monument.

 Blurry pic o the action.

Volks Grenadier fire on the SAS jeep.

John taking first place in the two day singles match.

Chris taking overall in the Armored platoon.

Dan took home second place with a close shave for 2nd!


  1. Very cool here. Can't wait to get into the game myself now after watching a demo of it last week over here!

    1. Welcome aboard! Yea, it isn't a great game, fast, fun and simple but captures the flavor of WW2 gaming withing being bogged down with charts and rules.