Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The French Gear Up for War!

I got my AMD Armored Car that I bought at Bolt Action Net, great stuff done by one of the guys here.

AMD assembled.

Front shot.

Rear shot.

Battle Honors figure next to the AMD.

The triple for the Phony War!
P16 by Warlord
Panhard by AGN
The AMD custom vehicle.

Panhard next to the AMD

Side by side.

P16 next to the AMD.

Side b y side again.

Trio of Howitzers (back to front)
Heavy, Medium and Light

Side by side.

Side by side again.

Front of the 75mm by Warlord

The rear, the detail is lacking at some points.

The crew.

Converted officer with Thompson, does look close to the French SMG also.

Observer with SMG

Officer with German rifle he captured.


  1. I see you got lots to do.... keep it up.

    1. oh, it is growing.....but almost to the end!