Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A tough call: To back or not to back!

Having a tough time here....$178 (with US conversion) could get me a 10 section gladiator arena. I have been wanting something like this for ages....I really like the concept but this is a huge wad of cash to drop I would have to talk the wife into this for my birthday....technically it would be $148 as I have $30 of unspent hobby money....and there has been some gladiator models in a storage box waiting for an excuse to paint I could use this for some weird crossover game for Supersystem...never know...still on the other side I could really get more gaming mats or figures which is practical also.

A tough call, looks like a good possible investment choice....the idea they are a new company on KS but they seem to have Ebay presence and their own company website, plus they was upfront about issues they had which it seems they have addressed.

What do you think? I always had a thing for sweaty half naked armored men chasing one another around an arena with swords try to kill one another....

1 comment:

  1. Luckily I had bought the Gripping Beast 35mm gladiators before I saw this Kickstarter, so wasn't tempted.
    Cheers, Norman