Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: BT-42 by TrenchWorx

Another choice item to bolster my Finnish Army! The BT-42, while not steller in history books in Bolt Action this seems to be an ideal tank for the price and what it delivers!

This kit is a 3-D printer made take and is hollow. Still, it was easy to assemble and looks good. Everything again was pretty much, cut, clean a little, glue and done! Everything is slotted and easy to figure out! Another fine kit!

The kit...

Ring goes into the turret.

Then you can drop it into the hull when you are ready.

Panels just slot in....

Holes guide you and match up to where everything goes.

Rails, lights and guides for the tracks.

Finished BT42.

BT42 next to the T26 dual MMG tank by Army Group North.


  1. It's strange, but I'm finding the pictures of your translucent tank a bit freaky. It's a ghost tank!

    1. Blame the 3D printer! The Finns may have played around with cloaking technology in WW2!!!