Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warlord goodies arrives!

On Thursday UPS dropped off a nice package, I had some backlog of funds and used them to pick up a few items to boost up my scenery as well as my French and German armies!

The order

4Ground Thunder Boxes

Sarissa Chateau 

Box says it all....

Belgian AT Team (for my French)

R40 Tank

Howing Cow

Medium Mortar - French

Light Artillery - French (The crew was for my other guns, the gun will go to the Germans as I am lacking some lighter guns).

French Squad

French Command Blister with a few extra men.

French Insignia
French Numbers and Names

French Card Markings

The ole standard German symbol.

Not part of the Warlord shipment was my S15 Portee Truck by Mad Bob arrived the same day!

Horch Heavy Car

Panzerwerfer 42! 


233 8-Rad with light howitzer

Order was missing a few items: small V bar for the 233, a transfer sheet of red numbers and my wrecked Hanomag. Nothing major....been playing the past few days getting things done!

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