Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thunder Boxes HO!

Finished the 4 Thunder Boxes yesterday! Very quick and easy to build. Took me a few hours but I also goofed off a bit off and on....

The four horsemen! 

Each door has their own symbol....Heart and Star

Diamond and Moon!

Two have the long seat

Two have the round seat!
I built one of each seat with the lid up in honor of my wife as she sometimes complains about my aim! 

Overall, these was a blast to build and I really enjoyed them as a nice break from everything else and the price is fair for 4 of them! Oddly, I am building up my old west town in reverse order! I think I may be able to slip these into other games like Strange Aeons and Bolt Action as both eras also no doubt had a demand for places to go to the bathroom! 

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  1. They'll look great to scatter about and use for cover.