Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: FT-17 by TrenchWorx

Today I got a package that I ordered that included the new resin FT-17 tank, Rabid Monkey on the Bolt Action Net forums has been working to start casting his laser print items to get them down in price and who was I to say no to jumping on board to get perhaps one of the most fun little guys in the French armored force!

Overall, the kit was fairly easy and did take some time to file some areas and clean the intake spots for the magnets. Still, cleaning and assembly was quick and easy. A great job by Rabid Monkey! I'd say Trenchworx delivers a quality product.

First here is the entire set. Main body, the turret (sitting on the hull in the pic), left and right tracks, exhaust tube, storage  box, magnets, both the cannon and MMG barrels. 

Clever slotting makes for quick assembly with glue.

See how they fit and little cleaning except for the tracks to get rid of the flash and spots where the resin was poured and vented. 

Turret already has a hole for the magnets.

Same for the barrels. Ready to slide in the magnet. Just a tad of cleaning was required for a perfect fit.

Magnets: 3 small and 2 large for the turret/hull.

Side shot

Another side angle.

Side by side with Mad Bob's AMD80 Armored Car and the P16 by Warlord.

Another shot.

Another side by side.

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