Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scenery: Medieval Chapel by Tabletop Workshop Finished!

Finished the Medieval Chapel by Tabletop Workshop. I did a dry fit with the click together design and then I went back and primered the parts and painted them each as a single item. When it came time to assemble I just had to file away some of the paint from the click points and it went together like a charm with no glue! I did consider using some but to be honest this baby is 100% rock solid and Tabletop Workshop has designed a real treat to assemble and paint.

What I loved about this was how simple it was and the detail it had on it.....plus it fits my needs for many games like WW2 or Strange Aeons.....


Side may add some moss to the side..


Other side

Interior side (front)

Back interior

Side shot for the rear.

inside shot of the front door

A German soldier stands guard outside the church.

 A lone German sentry ponders god.

A cultist prepares to defile the chapel!

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