Wednesday, November 7, 2012

100th POST! Contest Teaser, Pirates and Super Heroes!

Well, this is 100 with I hope many more to follow!

I have my Old West 100th Celebration Contest in the wings, just waiting on one last prize to ship and depending on the situation, I may go ahead and if I get this last prize it will be a bonus drawing. I always try to give those that are donating time to follow up on things, I understand life gets in the way this can include another job, their hobby job, family or other obligations....

So, instead I will toss out a few things that has been passing along on the table so you can see I have not been slacking!

First off a teaser of a few new figures I picked up from Crossover.

I did a head swap on the Super Soldier with a head from the Sidekick figure making something of an ode to the Comedian from the Watchmen with the domino mask and pistols with full body armor.

The second was a quick and easy one using the "bug eyed" mask to make the fellow look like a Hyrdra goon. I have to get a few more but I wanted to see how these looked in the flesh and wow are they great!

For the shooter I went with one of the heads that came with the figure giving a Deadshot look. I just finished the third episode of the Arrow and with Deadshot making a cameo ust sold me on making another tribute bad guy. What can I say? I have been a huge fan since Suicide Squad.

The Kid got a simple full mask, making him very generic but gives me some options as well when I paint him as well as pair him up to a partner.

Shiver me timbers! Pirates! Well,  I did some trading getting rid of some Warhammer goodness and managed to pick up a great deal of pirates to round out my pirate I got about 11-12 cannons as well to help deck out my ships with tons of guns!
First off an Old Glor 4 gun ship!

The new pirates...I got two duplicates but I think I may end up doing some hand swaps to add some variety to them. If anything, I can paint them different.

Chinese Pirates that should blend well with my Old West Tong (and the other way around as well) leaving me now wanting a Chinese ship now!


  1. Nice conversions there. I like the Chinese Pirates a lot. Go ahead and buy that ship-you know you're going to anyway!

    1. I found one some time back but I didn't want to get it without the figures, now I have them there is an excuse now!

  2. Like the chinese pirates they are always my favourites when ever I watch the PotC movies. Nice supers as well look forward to seeing you get all the figures ship shape!

    1. Yea, the Chinese are growing on me, I figure I will add the Black Cat Bases guy with grenades now to round out the group.

      Crossover makes some amazing supers and the head swap option just gives you so many choices on what to do. Can't wait for their next Kickstarter!

      I am working now on plan that I hope to have in place by December to create a plan of sorts to get me on a better painting schedule!

  3. We need to get together on a weekend and play just a variety of games. You have so many systems and figs I predict we could get in 7 games with 7 different systems easily. We were talking about WW2, but the Sups and the Pirates look awesome too.

    1. Depending if you have time off around Xmas we may be able to do that...either at my place if not too cold we can play at the Cabana or the hobby store. Usually my wife and I take off between Xmas and New Years, but she has to work (another class), but I was going to take a day or two off to either game and/or paint to be a bum around the holidays...

      As for multi system games...hahah...yea here is a list of games I can do:
      1) Blackwater Gulch
      2) Legends of the Old West
      3) Legends of the High Seas
      4) Gladiator (GW Historical)
      5) Iron Ivan Disp.Heroes and Point Blank WW2
      6) Warhammer 40k (I have so many amies it isn't funny)
      7) Warhammer Fantasy (2 full armies)
      8) Supersystem 3 (super heroes)
      9) Strange Aeons
      10) Meltdown 3 Post Apoc Game
      11) After the Horsemen Post Apoc Game
      12) Necromunda (multiple gangs)
      13) Mordheim (2 gangs)
      14) Battlefleet Gothic (chaos fleet)
      15) Blood Bowl (2 teams)
      16) Space Hulk

      7 games could take up to 14 hours, if you average the base of 2 hours per, granted some games are slower than others. We will chat about this tonight...

  4. The Crossover stuff looks great.
    Will have to pick up some myself soon

    1. The are amazing! Just being able to pick the head you want is just simply amazing...the quality of the metal and casting is great as well. Soapy is a great sculptor and Rusti is just a kick ass guy to deal with.

      I am really looking forward to their next Kickstarter that he has teased about including a Stretch figure and other goodness! Whoo!

    2. Just saw this post Styx, great start, let's see some paint on those guys! I couldn't be happier with the goons than I am. I've got 7 painted and 3 more that have maybe an hour total to go before finished. We've discussed a heavy weapons set for the future (not this round, but on the drawing board).

      Take Care,