Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Hobby Lobby Challenge

Well, I went to Hobby Lobby tonight just to get out of the house and use that lovely 40% coupon I found online. Now that I know I can print them, fear me Hobby Lobby! Just kidding!

My first item was one of the Easy Models 1:72 German Planes to go with my German Army as an airplane marker. Figure Warlord is selling them for $16, Hobby Lobby down the road has them for $14.99 and wit a 40% off coupon puts it close to $10 with tax and lets me pick up a few other goodies.

Plane with figure to scale.

This is the Fw190A-8 for the Focke-Wulf Fw190 was a single-seat, single-engine fighter of the Luftwaffe, and one of the best fighters of its generation. Over 20,000 were built including 6,000 fighter-bomber models. Production started in 1941 to the end of the war and was always being updated. This model version was the last of the planes built in 1944 that resulted in 1334 A-8 series planes built.

Closer shot of detail.

Front shot.

I liked this one out of my three choices they had at the store, perhaps the only downfall. One was a DAK fighter with Africa colors (tanish), the other was a green first generation German  jet fighter, while cool, was very late into the war. The Focke-Wulf was the winner here simply by appearance and the history to it.

Up next I found this lovely house in the wood/cardboard craft area. At a glance it is almost perfect.  The door is a bit large, but nothing that can't be trimmed up with some decoration, add window trim and a door with some inside floor plans and wow! Instant house! Sure a bit of work but for $3.99 what can you complain about? Even if I spent a total of $10 on this project and time it would be way cheaper than anything else that could be done. What is the bonus is the framework has been done, just add detail.




Top comes off.

Figures at the door, I had to use a base to make it level with the cut.

Back shot, looks a bit large, but not bad.

Soldier and Granny looking out the window. Perfect height.

I also found on clearance some camouflage grey spray paint that Model Master makes, I wish there was more but oh well. This should work for now to help primer the few vehicles I have. I may have to go back and loot the other colors as $2 and some change isn't a bad price!


  1. I bought that same house but don't know how to modify it for my use. That large door is a problem and I'm not sure how to trim out the windows. I'll definitely be interested in seeing what you do with yours. If at all possible could you do a mini-tutorial on it?

  2. I'll see if I can keep tabs on things....but for the flooring, I plan to add a raised step at the front to level that part out. Add a door, for the excess at the top I am going to add some wood/card or something decorative to trim the top spot to lower the door cut down. The windows there is little to do there. I think I am going to put plastic over, add trim around to hide it, then add a window still to the outside. On the inside I may even raise that up slightly using some foam board glued to the bottom.