Saturday, November 24, 2012

Product Review: Litko Character Mount Marker

I got home from the Thanksgiving holidays and had a package waiting for me that included two Litko Character Mount Markers.

As you can see I put one together and left one in the package to see how you would get the product if you want to order your own.

Assembly was fairly simple, but does require a touch of glue to hold them into place. Unlike other plastic markers like Gale Force 9  markers that lock together, you need something to keep them stable. Is the glue required, no, but it helps.

The horse comes in two parts, the front and back with a central plastic clear disk that has two forks that connects to the two horse half's with a central slot that also holds a stem from both parts to a central part of the disk for more support. Overall  it is a well done design and a smart concept.

Here is one of the Litko Horses with a Foundry Old West Figure. The Horse I got is mounted on a 40mm round base.

Another shot with a Black Cat Bases Adventurer

What is nice about these markers is that you can use them for any game system from Fantasy, Old West to really anything else that could involve a figure needing to be mounted and helps avoid the work of having to make a mounted version of a figure to use in games. On the flip side, they are just that a marker, not as pretty as a figure would be and you have to make the call one what you would be willing to accept for your games. Personally, I like the markers....the only other downside I can see with these markers is needing several for a game as that can rack up in price.

FRP Games has them at $4.79 each. The downside with them is the shipping can get pricey unless you are getting a bunch of stuff which is nice if you are picking up a variety of gaming stuff for various games.

Litko has it for sale on their site also for $5.99 plus shipping.

Here is how you can get them in colors and base sizes:

Warhorse colors:
Opaque Brown
Opaque Black
Opaque White

Base Sizes and Shapes:
50x25mm, GW style rectangular base
2 inch square, perfect for fantasy grid gaming
40mm round, for skirmish battle games
50mm round, for use with the larger scale skirmish games.

Litko is having a 20% off sale until Cyber Monday. They have a variety of cool stuff, I keep eyeing the Cthulu Dice Tower!


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