Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bolt Action Rules Review Part 3: Pinning and Shooting

Pin Markers are a key element to the game because as units get shot at and if injured can gain Pin Markers that are kept next to the unit in the game.
Pin Markers do the following:
Pin Markers can restrict a unit from being able to follow orders given as each Pin Marker reduces their Morale value. For each marker you get a -1 to your Morale. Thus you could end up with a unit worried about ducking bullets more than shooting back.
Pinning also affects shooting as well, thus making it harder to hit your target if bullets are hitting all around you.
A successful RALLY Order will reduce d6 Pin Markers from your unit. Granted they can do nothing else. A sly opponent could build up a series of pin markers on targets making them useless for a few turns in the game.
There is a rule also for FUBAR! When you roll box cars (two sixes) for your attempt to give an order to a unit with Pin Markers with results from shooting a friendly unit to running away in fear.
Also, if a unit has the same amount of markers as their original morale value (not modified) they are removed from play. Thus inexperienced troops will be more prone to fleeing a battle than a Veteran unit.
Just to let everyone know, there is no pre-measuring allowed for Bolt Action, you declare and if you are out of range, you are out of luck. Choose wisely your shots!
Shooting works like this:
  1. Declare Target
  2. Target reacts (can opt to go DOWN, if they do they are harder to hit)
  3. Measure
  4. Roll to Hit (based on range, pin markers, cover and unit skill)
  5. Roll to Damage (based on unit type, veterans are tougher than inexperienced units.
  6. Target Takes Casualties (owner removes, unless you roll a 6 and another 6, then you pick)
  7. Target Checks Morale (If they fail, they are removed from the game). In any case you will get at least 1 Pin Marker and perhaps more depending on weapons.
By now you should see that Pin Markers are BAD and a huge element to the strategy of the game.


  1. I know they're bad, but they look so cool! Very creative looking little sculpts.

  2. Creative yes, but are they worth it to buy. I would rather have more figs!