Friday, November 30, 2012

Bolt Action Review Part 5: Close Combat, HQs and Special Rules

Close Quarters

This is the term for hand to hand combat in Bolt Action. Here is how Close Quarters works:

Declare Target
Target Reacts
Measure Distance and Move
Fight First Round of Combat. Attackers First, Defenders next.
At this point either one unit surrenders/is destroyed or you have a draw.
In the event of a draw continue fighting.
The Winner regroups

What is a kicker is that pin markers are removed when you are assaulted as you are clearly fighting for your life there is no option to hide or run.

Close combat is deadly, quick and brutal. Be warned.


Here are the rundown of perks from various units:

Officers: Officers based upon rank can add a morale bonus of +1 to +4. Starting officers in your army only give a +1 or +2, you have to purchase an extra officer to get +3 or +4.

Medics: Can save a model in a unit that is killed by small arms within range on a roll of a 6. Plus the guy is cheap and gives you an extra order dice for the lowest price.

Forward Artillery Observer: Able to call down an artillery strike or smoke once per game. Shots could be delayed, off target (your opponent can relocate the marker) or land with nasty results.

Forward Air Observer: Again, able to summon one air strike per game. What you get is pure random results again. You have to roll when he appears, then again you could get a guy that shoots the wrong target or swoops down bombing the crap out of the target. What is nasty here is units around the target can get pin markers due to the terror of air power despite the fact only one unit is singled out in shooting unlike Artillery that can strike an area.

Flak: Is the ability to shoot at these airplanes, then again you have to roll as your own side could shoot down your own plane. Not likely, but could happen and it did.

Unit Special Rules:

Tough: Extra attack

Fanatics: Harder to kill in close combat.

Shirkers: cheaper to buy but more likely to be pinned and run

Green: Brave but raw troops, they could jump in experience when they take losses or serious penalties to nothing happens if they get shot at.

Tank Hunters: Beware tanks! More likely to kill a tank.

Snipers: Able to single out a target and more accurate at range.

Calvary: Faster foot infantry, has some other advantages. Very rare in WW2.

Motorbikes: Like infantry again, fast to move around and reacts slightly different to s hooting.

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