Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lock and Load...Bolt Action on the way!

Well, I just ordered my core rules of Bolt Action and the German sourcebook along with a few figures to round out my list. I have to admit that the copy of Bolt Action I looked at seemed to be a solid game and most game reports are giving very favorable feedback about the game. I hope to do my own battle reports soon enough with also some reviews of both books as well as looking at Iron Ivan's Disposable Heroes and Point Blank and how they measure up to one another.

Here are a few sample pages Warlord has out....

After a quick inventory of my stuff:

FJ Paratroopers:
21 Rifles
8 FG42s
4 Panzerfausts
4 Snipers
1 Flamethrower
2 Panzerschreck Teams
6 Light Machine Gun Teams 32s
2 Fixed Heavy MG teams, 42s
8 MP40s
1 Mortar Team (light or medium)
4 STG44s
4 Radio/Spotters
2 Officers with  MP40s
1 Medic

German Army (Heer):
2 Officers (side arms)
3 LMG Teams 32s
3 Spotter/Radio Operators
2 Panzerschreck Teams
1 Panzerfaust with MP40
1 Mortar Team (light or medium)
4 STG44s
9 MP40s
19 Rifles

2 Pak40's (1 with no crew)
1 Panzer G
1 Panzer M
2 Kubelwagons
1 Truck
1 Puma

The only things I am really overstocked with is snipers and radio/spotter figures. I  hope later on I can perhaps trade them for other figures that I could use to bolster up my army somewhere else.

Fallschirmjager 10.5 recoilless gun.
FJ Looted weapons squad.
2.8 FJ squeezebore gun
a few extra FJ MP40s

Borgward Wanze ausf C (a small light rocket tank)
Flammpanzer B2(f) (flamethrower tank)
Stug III of some type (decent tank killer)
Tiger I or II (tough tank)
maybe a few other random tanks
a few transport related halftracks (I need some armored rides)

German Army Medic
German Army Snipers
German Army Engineers

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