Thursday, August 23, 2012

20 Questions Part 1

Well, after seeing a few other blogs, I figured "what the hell!" and here are my responses...had a few editing issues I finally resolved.


1. Favorite Wargaming period and Why?

I would have to say that the Sci-Fi/Future gaming period wold be my favorite of all time. I have played 40k since 2nd Edition, Starfleet Battles and Battletech since my early days of college. with a spiral into Battle Fleet Gothic, Necromunda and Cars Wars to name a few.


It may be the fluff or just the interesting fact that the future is just that, it has not yet been told which is what makes wargaming so great; you are telling an untold story in a visual way. I grew up watching Star Trek, Buck Rodgers and Battlestar Galaticia (old school) along with Dr. Who BBC runs for hours over the weekend when I was young. I sat transfixed when I first watched Star Wars (my mother claims it was the longest I hever sat still and was quiet) and thought Mad Max was the coolest thing ever. This has been part of my life as long as I can remember and it as much part of me as breathing.
2. Next period, money no object (and time)?

There is a tie when it comes to this question as this is between the Old West and Pirates. I grew up on both as a kid watching TV a nd movies about these genres. I am always wanting to go nuts and bu tons of Old West Buildings and Pirate Ships as well as build some drop dead tables that are just jaw dropping.

3. Five Favorite Films:

In no order:

Star Wars

Blade Runner

Mad Max


4, Favorite 5 TV Series?
In no order:

Babylon 5

Star Trek



Dr Who

5. Favorite book and author?

My favorite author is H.P. Lovecraft and my favorite book would be "The Tomb and Other Tales". One of his best stories was "In the Walls of Eryx" his only Sci-Fi story.

6. Greatest General? Can't count yourself!

Robert E Lee

He was a general before his time and had some very radical ideas if you read his biography that could have changed the Civil War and gave an interesting introspection to the man. The Civil War was a very hard time for everyone and growing up in a home that had fmaily that fought on both sides with a strong southern heritage with my mother a history graduate and teacher, I learned to respect thoe of our darkest point in history.

7. Favorite Wargames Rules?

Currently it is Supersystem 3, the rules are very easy to learn and the system allows you to build your own characters with a good sense of balance for game play.

A very close second is Strange Aeons which is 1920’s horror miniature wargaming with again a solid set of rules and always expanding the resources to the game keeping things fresh.

8. Favorite Sport and Team?
Personally, I am not a huge fan of sports. My favorite sports when I was younger were martial arts and scuba diving. I am now too old to really consider either due to money and time. I did check on the status of the United States during the Olympics to see how we was doing in medals and any interesting highlights in stories. Watching it did not interest me.

The closest I come to a sport is playing Blood Bowl!

9. If you had a only use once time machine, when and where would you go? 

I would go back in time and give myself some advice. This translates to how to become rich so I can buy anything I want, travel the world and wargame at my leisure. I would also tell myself to take care of my friends and family (that I know now) that I have to look up this wonderful woman that is now my wife and marry her once I (my younger self) seek her out as that would be the one thing I would not want changed in my future. Last, build a time machine and wreck further havoc to the time space continuum.

10. Last meal on Death Row? 

Hibachi cooked steak, lobster and shrimp with friend rice and veggies with a coconut cake for desert.

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