Friday, August 31, 2012

Did you miss the Reaper Kickstarter? There is still a chance to get in!

OK, this link is for newbies only!!!
If you missed the Kickstarter and want to get involved, go enter in the e-mail you would like us to contact when the post KS Reaper pledge manager goes live.
If you've already pledge, this is not for you!
This is NOT a link to the Reaper Pledge Manager!


  1. Didn't miss it, but it is nice of them to re-open it up to others afterwards. Am glad that I got in it when I could and for what I did.. but also means that next year there will be tons of models to paint up! Wonder if I will be able to handle it all ;)

    1. Yea, figure I will be trading my excess stuff off and keeping what I want. I estimated if I trade enough I will make out like a bandit, even if I don't trade the prices will be like their average cost of Bones stuff anyway.

      My painting is going to go through the roof soon. I have Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Chaos for 40k on the deck, plus my Fallscheimer Germans, Supers and Old West to work with plus I have Gladiators and Pirates sitting around and more 40k and Fantasy stuff than I know what to do with.