Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reaper Supers Arrive!

Well, my first wave of Reaper Supers arrived in the mail today and I cracked open the blisters. The quality is nice and I hope to take some snaps later of how Reaper, Crossover and Superfigs all match up.

I got Blubbery Rand, Raptor, Harpy, Zenith, Sandwoman and Blood Widow as my first round choices and was my first order bu due to Harpy being out of stock there was a delay in my shipment until now.

A pic of the the blisters I got!


  1. Replies
    1. Working on that now, I have to get a few more lipped bases. Someone is sending me some, I plan to buy up a few more as I know that I need about 30ish for my Supers alone, plus a few for Strange Aeons.

      I plan to pick 5-6 to start with and I want to try to work on a smattering of Reaper, Superfigs and Crossover at the same time.