Friday, August 17, 2012

New SuperSystem 3 Scenario: RAMPAGE!


DESCRIPTION: One of the greatest threats has arrived to your fair city and threatens to destroy everything in its path! An Elder God, Giant Robot, Giant Mutant Dinosaur, an Unspeakable War Machine or whatever your evil mind can imagine has arrived! It no longer matters if you are a hero or villain because if you don’t stop this monster from destroying the city you will have nothing left to protect or conquer! As the monster you have one goal and that is to cause as much destruction as possible!

SETUP: Both sides roll to see who deploys first. The highest roller may select what table edge they wish to deploy on. All defending heroes/villains setup within 5” of a table edge and the monster deploys with the end of the base (if there is one) within 5” of the opposite table edge. As the base may be larger for the monster this is a slightly unusual deployment option.


The Monster: Use the standard base of 85 points plus an additional 15 points per hero or villain that you will be facing off against. In larger games or higher point values you could opt to take a second monster using a base of 85 points and then you have the option to add 15 points per hero or villain you are facing.

Example: You are facing 8 Heroes of the Good Guy Squadron; you opt to take two giant robots instead each being built at 85 points base and 45 extra points for a total of 130 points total for each giant robot.

Carnage Points: As the monster your single goal is to destroy anything on the table to earn Carnage Points. These points are earned based upon what you target in the game as your focus to destroy that turn. A civilian would be easy to injure, while a car would be a small task and a building would be a challenge to destroy even taking out your opponents adds to your Carnage Point Totals! It is best to discuss with one another what the point value is for everything on the board to be clear. You may want to put slips of paper or other markers to note the value of objectives on the table. Use Appendix 2: Breaking Objects to help determine Vitality for an object in question.

Carnage Point Chart:
1: Civilian, Tree, Fire Hydrant, Dumpster, etc… (Anything small/easy to destroy)
2: Car/Truck
3: Bus/Semi, Hero or Villain
4: Small Building
5: Large Building (more than two stories)

Defender: Stop the monster(s) before they gather enough Carnage Points to win the game.

Monster: Gather up enough Carnage Points to win the game.
Small Battle: 15 Points
Medium Battle: 20 Points
Large Battle: 30 Points

End Game: The battle can last any number of turns until either the monster(s) or defenders (hero or villain) are defeated or the monster(s) have accumulated a total number of points to end the game in which the monster wins automatically.

REWARDS: Defender 2/1. +1 Experience to each model if the Defender wins. +1 Experience to the hero/villain that takes out the Monster.

Special Events: (roll a d6)
1: Unnatural Darkness
2: Civilians
3: Unexpected Ally (joins Defenders only)
4: Sixth Sense (Defender)
5: Cover of Darkness (Monster)
6: Weird Radiation

After reading the rules to Supersystem 3 there was no real scenario that addressed one of my favorite aspects in comics when I was younger and that was the “big” threat that the heroes or perhaps even villains may have to face off against something huge and usually singular.

So, I set out to work out a first draft of a scenario that would make either a good one off game or end of campaign finale. In any case, this could also make for an excellent idea for a demo table for anyone that would like to host a Supersystem game demonstration at their club or convention they are attending.

I would love to get comments and feedback from games to adjust the scenario as I am sure it may not be 100% balanced at this point as this is just a first draft of the scenario. Feel free to email me at: and please put a header on the email so I don’t delete it thinking it is junk email or you can contact me on the Superfigs forum.

Monster Ideas:

The sky is the limit here when it comes to picking out something to be your monster for this game and IMO is the real beauty to the whole scenario as it allows you as the hobbyist to figure out and make that mega threat for your game! You do want something that is at least roughly 3x larger than your standard hero figures to give you that epic feel! Here are a few short ideas I would like to toss out:
  • Pulp City has a great “monster” kit about to roll out loaded with options like a Cthulu like creature and mutant monsters! The only draw back on this kit is the price.
  • Hero Clix: Again there is a sweet looking Cthulu figure but it also sells as a high price, if you have one or get one on the cheap all the better or perhaps you already own one! There are other Clix stuff like the Sentinel that you could pick up and use.
  • Toys: As there is a variety of “cheap toys” you can find something at the Dollar Store, Dollar General, Freds, Big Lots or Family Dollar if you want to save a few bucks or perhaps you may find a deal hidden away on a back aisle of Toy’R’Us. With a few bits, remodeling and paint can change something into that perfect creation you are looking for!


  1. As for the Pulp City Monster price, theres a rumour it will be sold cheaper soon as 4 different builds. Not a full expensive kit with everything included.
    (Just made 2, its an awesome kit)

    Another Heroclix colossal I have found that works is the new Dormammau. Looks amazing and about the right size.

  2. That would be cool if they go cheaper than I heard. The kits are top quality and if the price is right that would be very cool!