Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Models Assemble!

Hrm, that just came out wrong......still that is what happened last night. I got my supers on the road to primer once the weather gets nice. (insert laughter here) Once the weather gets better that is, being hot and humid does not help when it comes to the important primer process.

Anyway here is some teaser shots, I started to finish basing as well which I like to primer over to help seal the sand onto the model.

Yes, what you see in the background was fetched form my parents home on a visit saved from a storage area I found it at a yard sale back in the 80's I think. Not sure what I want to do with it. Part of me wants to break it apart use the blue insert as a middle point and use the front and back to build a 28mm item of scenery like the hall of justice for the super heroes...of course I would have to dremel the images and such off and use some textured paint to cover the work. Just not sure if I want to go to the trouble. It is a collectible but missing parts and well used by some kid years ago,  maybe reading this blog now as an adult! What do you think?

On with the pictures!

Holy Batchit Batman! That is alot of models!
This is all of the figures together...

Close up of the left side...

The right side....

All of my Reaper figures....

Crossover Figures ( I decided to glue their heads in)

Superfigs Grower and Shrinker....

Black Cat Bases Brain Bot and Water Elemental

Superfigs by old Glory

Foundry Figures (need base changes to match the others).
I plan to cut the sword off the Hermes model. Figure he will end up a Thor style character among the Heroes and the other one will be someone using a mystical rod of Hera that was left on earth.

So, we have a pile of heroes and villains now, some scenery ideas and a few odd bits to throw around like some cards, vending machines and junk! Whooo! It would have been cool to win one of those cool super lots given away by Hendry Badger but oh well, can't win them all! Later!


  1. Thats an awesome looking lot of Supers.
    Is the Brain Bot still available?

    1. Sure is, just look in the Whiskers and Tentacles area. Not in the Robot area.

  2. Crikey - big project there! Watching with interest. :)

    1. I have colors already in mind and names/powers and such already in the works (just about done).

      On the micro figures I plan to order from Black Cat Bases the rubbish sprues that has cig packs, old drink cup, chip holder and burger box among other things on it...figure that would be cool to add to the base to add some depth to the fact how "small" they are.

      What do do with the Hall of Justice? Keep it safe or try to convert it to scenery?

  3. Great looking project start! Glad to see my figures are in good company!!

    1. Good Company? Bad Company? All the same! I just want them painted and kicking ass! Just a few more weeks and we start to get some cool weather here in Florida for fall....yay!

  4. I have that Hermes figure in my gladiator collection but he would make a great side kick for a Thor type figure. Might have to try that too. How do you like the Superfig? some of them are on my list to get.

    1. The Superfig line is nice. Reaper and Crossover have the better quality metal but Sueprfigs match up well and they have several figures that i liked such a grower, shrinker, archer, it gave me a series of options to work with that the other two lines really didn't offer. When I started to purchase figures I bought that which would offer the collection the greatest variety and then I would go back later and fill in the gaps.