Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Black Cat Bases Shipment Arrived!

Just a small order of a few goodies for me, the crew over at BCB was nice and tossed in a few extras that I am thankful for. They are a good group and the company is outstanding as is their products...I will have some reviews up soon.

Here is a teaser of the pile of loot:

Everything including their resin vending machines and the mixed pile of junk like the ruined couch/chair and other goodness or rather junkness. The Brain Bot (one of my new Super Villains), a cool Water Elemental (another super), a science guy that can be used in Strange Aeons and Supers both, the old creepy Librarian, a possessed book and cultist with chainsaw (getting ready for Uncle Mike to post up Chainsaw rules!)

Vending Machines up close!

Cultist, Water Elemental and book..

Brain Bot, science guy and the creepy librarian....

The Junk pile that is going into my Super Hero game figured it would be cool to have some stuff to toss around and I thought it would be cool to model a junk yard which may also fit well into a Post Apocalypse Game also.


  1. Look forward to seeing you paint these up the librarian figure is a must have.

    1. She has been one of those figures I wanted to buy but when it came down to money she always go the axe when the budget would factor in on what I could spend.