Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My first bits of Super Scenery, Scenery

Here is a few cars that I have picked up so far for my Supersystem table they are $2.50 cars from Dollar General, they are 1:43....oddly the quality is very good and made in Italy! Yea, take that CHINA! EAT THAT! Italy makes better TOY CARS THAN YOU!!!!!!!

The Packaging on the Street Fire line...

This was the line before the Street Fire line. I found this at an older store.

Ford Focus. The mirror was damaged, figure that is why it was the last one in the store. I popped the other mirror off and filled it in with green stuff then painted over it with black.

Dodge Charger

PT Cruiser


  1. nice haul there. love the bmw mini

    1. Thanks, I have a friend that has a mini (silver) so that was bought first to ensure I would get one as a joke for him when we play. I can see one of the big guys tossing the car around.