Monday, August 6, 2012

RIP Lucas

Well, I am going to try to keep posting something up but I have not been in the hobby mood for the past few days dealing with one of my dogs. Today we had to make the hardest choice which was to put him to sleep after several sleepless nights of barking, pacing, staring off into space and being just unsettled.
Sadly, Lucas had a cognitive degenerative disorder (his mind was slowly slipping and simple things was no longer processing the way they should normally). The vet also added that based upon some other signs he felt he was in the early stages of cancer as well. We did the right thing, but it is still painful as hell to make this choice. He ate fine, he slept fine (when he did), was active and had no issues walking other than the disorder that had been slowly building up over the years. Even the tranquilizers we tried for him only worked for a short time before the meds was no longer helping.
Lucas was a good dog with a few faults but that is the way always with animals and has enjoyed 10+ years with my wife and me along with his adopted brother Wally W from the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia and has given us so many great memories and adventures that I recall like they were yesterday. Born in Savannah, Georgia and found wandering the streets as a puppy taken in by the Rescue. He had a cold and had obvious signs of abuse including a broken tail and one leg that was slightly off. My wife fell in love with the little guy and I worked hard behind her back to surprise her on the day we was to pick him up. Instead, my wife was greeted an hour before the end of her work day with a cute basset puppy standing outside with large brown eyes. Since then he has endured adventures with my wife and I including taking a car trip to Florida with no AC and having a car breakdown by the highway and given a ride by a total stranger picking up a couple with a fur ball in tow.  Oh the stories could continue….
I will make effort to keep producing some good content as I get over the loss to our family.
I will miss you little guy!

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