Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reaper Kickstarter - Check it out!

This is simply the best Kickstarter run I have ever seen. I have never invested in one but this one I think just won me over. At first the Fantasy Figures did not move me, but now with all the unlocked! I am in now.
It works out to over 150+ figures for 100 bucks for the Vampire level. So, that is CHEAP figures at less than a buck a figure! Plus you can buy extra and add on packages as well. I plan to snag one or two for myself.
Reaper is  just shy of about 15k I think when I last looked of hitting their 1.1 million goal which unlocks the next bonus of goodies...I can only imagine if they hit that mark.  Invest with me and everyone else!
I just have to also say if you have never purchased a Reaper Bones figure, they are amazing quality for the price you get. A  soft plastic that is easy to convert, ready to paint without any primer if you wanted (I primer anyway), tough miniatures and to be honest I had to do little cleaning of mold lines and such on mine. I think Reaper has found the next generation of miniatures and has found the means to push themself forward to expand their product line quickly with investors.

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